The Ultimate 17 Steps Guide to Increase Your Online Sales

Steps to increase sales online

Did your increase your online sales this year? If yes, which parameters or important steps did you use to hit your sales quotas?

I asked these questions to some sales experts and they shared some of their favorite techniques to increase sales, and I added some tips of my own as well.

You should know how well your products are performing and track your business performance according to the sales metrics you have set for online sales.

Increasing online sales and traffic to a website are crucial for countless businesses, whether its small or large. The process is not difficult if you use the right recipe and put in the required time and effort to do it.

Let us start and check some effective steps to drastically increase your online sales. 

Set your goals to increase 4-5 sales from the previous month. Continue with the steps until you achieve your target. This will help you understand which strategy worked for you and how easy or difficult it was to implement.

Let us discuss how to implement these steps to increase online sales.

1. Add Ad Extensions to Your Google Ads

Google Ads Extension

The most obvious option to boost sales is to run Facebook ads; however, there is another option which is using Google Ads to generate more sales.

Google Ads are displayed on the top of the search page of Google when people search for similar products or services using similar keywords. For selling stuff online, you can always use Ad Extensions without any extra cost. This increases your ads click-through rate.

Clicking on Ads will help customers find what they need timely.

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are very valuable because the honest reviews from your customers will get more people to trust you and comfortably buy from you. Once you start meeting your client’s requirements, you can ask them to help you by writing reviews, testimonials, and feedback.

You can add these feedbacks or testimonials on your website so that people are aware of how wonderful your brand is. You can add them on your home page, landing pages, products & service pages, or the pricing page.

Improve your customer service this way, you will delight more users and will receive more testimonials. Turn a happy customer story to a video or a roadshow presentation.

Once the customers find these testimonials relatable to themselves, they are more likely to make a purchase

3. Create A Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency for Sales

We all know that Memorial Day Sale was live on most of the Ecommerce stores, and if you don’t want your deals to end up in nothing, make sure to establish urgency.

Urgency gives your customers a reason to buy quickly and overcome disinterests. The limited-time discounted price you offered should be in the customer’s budget to buy under a sense of urgency.

Besides using time-sensitive special offers or limited-edition offers, other options can also be useful. You can offer some financial incentives to customers, such as free shipping or a discount.

In Google Ads, you can also, use ad customizers to display a countdown on a seasonal offer or limited-time sale.

Therefore, creating a sense of urgency like this is an excellent method to boost sales online.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

Have you ever thought of what should you do if a product doesn’t work and a customer complains about it? Or, the customer did not like the product? These things can lead to a potential loss in the business.

To avoid the risk of buyer’s remorse, think of offering a money-back guarantee!

The more risk you remove from the customers’ path, the more likely they will buy from you. So take away anything that could discourage customers from buying your stuff.

5. Target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

One of the best successful techniques to increase sales online is to target a lookalike audience like your existing customers. Facebook allows you to do this!

Creating Lookalike Audiences on Facebook is simple and easy. These are mostly the users on Facebook who share identical characteristics and behaviors to customers’ in your catalog.

Upload your data to Facebook, and it will cross-reference its own information and data from third-party data agents to create matches based on the criteria you state. You can likewise utilize tracking pixels and information from applications to assist you with making lookalike audiences.

This is an astounding method to make the information on your current clients work for you, as it permits you to extraordinarily extend your reach with fewer efforts and utilize targeted Facebook clients who are the same as your current clients.

6. Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to stats, approximately 68% of shopping carts are abandoned before purchase, i.e., 4 trillion dollars were left behind in abandoned shopping carts in 2015.

Before you can begin recovering those buys, you have to understand the purposes of shopping cart abandonment. When you know the triggers for abandonment, you’ll have the option to distinguish what’s making your own customers abandon their carts.

Some common reasons for shopping cart abandonment can be limited, or lack of payment options, no social proof, prices are not competitive, etc.

Reducing friction in the checkout process during the purchase can lead to low conversion rates. Therefore, it should be easy for a consumer to visit and explore your site, and you should eliminate all the unnecessary fields from the checkout process.

This will definitely help you to improve your sales online and generate more leads.

7. Quality Product Photos

increase sales online

If an image snapshot is worth a thousand words, a beautiful product image is worth a thousand website visits.

The statement is self-explanatory. Product photography can become valuable for your sales strategy. Some people tend to focus on product images to shop online, and some like to visit the store and check the product with a demo and where they can touch it.

Product photography is not easy as it requires lighting, correct equipment, and space to produce attractive images that sell consumers right from the purchase page.

You can use the concept of using images in your sales marketing process as images are easy to remember; they communicate and interact faster and keeps readers around.

Therefore, accurate product photos are essential for online shopping. Customers think that product image quality is more valuable than product information, customer ratings, and reviews, or detailed product description.

Use a variety of images on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use pictures in emails, blog posts, etc. and create one more step towards boosting sales.

8. Opt-In Pop-up

As marketers, we care about creating delightful experiences for our website visitors, but we also want to generate as many sales as we can for our sales teams.

This can also be achieved by another popular marketing tactic – Opt-In Pop-up forms. It is used for driving blog subscriptions, promoting content, fueling lead generation, and growing email lists.

Using opt-in pop-up offers can significantly increase the number of links in your database, thus, growing online sales in the short term.

Sometimes users go back and forth for purchasing an item, and if they are swayed by a well-discounted offer, it’s a high chance that they will sign up for your opt-in offers. In this way, their information will be recorded in your database, and you may contact them later to complete the purchase.

Check out some tips to create high-converting pop-ups:

9. Mobile Optimization

Mobile friendly eCommerce apps

Think about a time when you were walking to work, on the train, lying on the couch, or sitting in the airport, and you had to complete an online form like an order form, shipping form, survey, etc. on your smartphone or tablet. Was it easy to submit on your mobile screen?

Due to the mobile’s convenience, mobile forms may be something you complete frequently. Therefore, if a form you are trying to complete is not mobile-friendly, you will become frustrated and angry or altogether opt-out from the website.

Today, website visitors aren’t just browsing your website, viewing your content, and purchasing your products from their desktop computers, they’re also completing the purchase tasks from their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential for your products or services to be simple to preview, buy, and checkout via a mobile device.

The design and launch of your eCommerce website should be separate and easy to access on mobiles. Amazon or Flipkart’s mobile site are the best examples of mobile eCommerce.

There are more chances of the abandonment of your site if the users find it difficult to search and buy the products. Follow some steps to provide the best user mobile experience possible for your visitors.

10. Follow Up Emails

You shouldn’t just send “checking in” emails to the customers as they don’t work. Customers feel that the sales representative is virtually poking them and making them reluctant to answer. Checking in messages aren’t only ignored, but they can also turn users against their senders.

Therefore, you should plan a working strategy to send a follow-up procedure to your new customers.

I always order stuff online as I have been a loyal customer, not just because of the price or discounts, but also due to the excellent customer service they provide and the regular follow-ups.

The follow-ups should be simple by including detailed summaries of the customer’s purchase, tracking information, customer service information, and links to relevant products the customer might be interested in.

This way, you can gather relevant feedbacks and testimonials and can even participate in discussions about the products and services. Answer the questions about the products to real users so that it becomes a great shopping experience for them.

Also, you can include some goodies or something free when they buy something. Send them a thoughtful and useful follow-up email with incentives to buy from you again.

Make your customers think relationships, not transactions.

11. Remarketing

Remarketing for sales

Remarketing is a digital advertising method that aims to attract users back to a website after they have left. It works for people who visit your website a few times, visit other sites and compare among different online stores.

Remarketing is popular in almost every field, from eCommerce and travel to B2B and entertainment. It’s great for any brand or business interested in attracting current or new customers online.

Remarketing is a core feature of every digital marketer’s approach. The following are some tips get more value from your remarketing campaigns:

This helps your brand or website to stay in customers’ mind when they browse the internet and look at their inbox.

12. Micro-Influencers On Instagram for Paid Shoutouts

Micro-influencers are social media users like celebrities, public figures, or experts. They’re popular individuals who work in a particular field and frequently share social media content about their interests.

For example, a gym influencer might boost millions of followers and operate several gym studios. Today, Instagram is a highly targeted visual marketing channel that brands are excessively using for marketing their products. It works by finding large accounts with millions of followers and paying them to feature and promote the company’s products to their followers.

Prices to pay depend on the account and the number of followers, it’s usually more affordable than an advertising channel.

You can rely on micro-influencers to increase your followers and visitors and convert many of them into customers.

13. Send an Email To Your Pre-launch List

Email pre-launch for online sales

Generating a buzz and an email list is an important step to launch your business. Plan to give existing leads and customers a heads up about the new products and services, especially if it will cause any confusion when they visit again to your website.

These people have already raised their hands with interest and provided you their email to hear more.

The email-marketing services like Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. in the Shopify App Store helps you to build and send an email to your pre-launch list before announcing your launch.

Some benefits of using email marketing before launching are:

14. Post On Classified Sites

Online shopping marketplaces can be very useful in the early stages of selling online. Some of these are Craigslist, Penny hoarder, Nextdoor, Facebook marketplace, etc. 

That’s because these marketplaces already have crowds and people searching for products. This provides you an opportunity to build your SEO and higher your ranking in the search results.

15. Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook-Instagram Ads

You can sell on Facebook/Instagram using Facebook lead ads or Instagram ads. They both allow customers to access your offers without ever leaving the Facebook or Instagram app.

These lead ads allow users to sign up for your offers or request other types of offers like free trials, pricing guides, product demos directly within the Facebook or Instagram platform.

Facebook lead ads are designed with the public in mind. When a user clicks on a lead ad, Facebook creates an auto-fill form with information the user has already provided earlier to Facebook.

If you’re starting out from scratch, the ads manager is the perfect tool you should be using.

16. Sell to Your Friends Through Social Channels

“Selling through social media channels is the closest thing to being a fly on the wall in your customers, prospects, and competitor’s world.” -Jim Keenan.

Social selling is showcasing your brand to the right people, relationships, and insights.

You can easily convince your friends or family members in a get-together or a hang out to try a new product or service . Similarly, you can promote the services online on social media too.

Use social graph search to find people on Facebook interested in a similar niche and would like to purchase your products by searching for relevant keywords. Once this is done, gather the list of people with the same level of interest in the products, reach out and message them personally.

You can also post stories about the offers and discounts you’re offering, and it might be possible that your friends and family consider those products if they make sense to them.

Collect more ideas to reach out to more people and profits will grow steadily over time.

17. Offer More Payment Options

payment options for increasing sales

Customers, including myself want to pay in a variety of ways starting from credit cards to digital wallets and more. Try to include a variety of flexible and secure payment options.

You can provide options other than credit cards like Google Wallet payments, ApplePay, Stripe, WePay, etc. That will make it easier for the buyers to shop online through mobile phones instead of using hassle options at the checkout process.

More mobile traffic leads will obviously lead to way more sales!


Online sales

Try these strategies and start closing more sales online. A lot of people are searching for products and services online nowadays. If you’re ready to create an online eCommerce store, you need to devise a strategic plan to increase sales online and get a piece of that pie.

Without customers, there won’t be any eCommerce business, so choose your steps wisely as “Happy customers are your biggest strength and can become your most successful sales team.”

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