13 Best Techniques to Increase Traffic To Your Website

Increase traffic to your website

You need people to see your website, especially if you’ve started one from scratch. Increasing traffic to your site won’t just guarantee you that your time was well spent, it will also enhance your brand awareness, support trust with your target users, and improve your rankings.

Subsequently, you will see better customer engagement and much more income.

Most importantly, increasing your web traffic will give a better understanding of what your audience needs so you can keep on delivering products and items that address and fulfill those needs.

Between writing a blog, creating a new email campaign, and posting on social media, you can use may analytics tools like Google Analytics to know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Website traffic is crucial for business success. It can help you to:

However, accomplishing these advantages requires driving quality traffic to your site correctly. Let us dive in and see how you can increase traffic to your website.

1. Advertise

Mainly paid search ads and social media advertising can drive traffic to your website quickly. Run pay-per-click (PPC) or retargeting ads with search engines or use social media to run ads or boost posts.

With paid search ads (like Google Ads), your website will show up first in the search results. This method helps to attract more visitors to your site rapidly.

For generating more sales with the increase in traffic, you need to use commercial intent keywords as part of your paid ad strategies.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Research and find out what your audience is searching for on the search engines and provide them with the relevant content.

You can optimize your content for search engines using the following:

On-Page SEO

Optimize the content and check if you are using the correct image alt text, using internal links for new content, creating meta descriptions that appear in the URL of search results, and selecting an appropriate title for your content. It can really help you to boost organic traffic.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a must for the people who started from scratch. To rank your website or brand for local search, make sure that your name, phone number, and address are correct on your social media pages and Google My Business. You should also use popular search terms on sites like Google Trends, etc.

Technical SEO

It emphasizes on the backend of your website to see how the pages are organized, is the site loading quickly, is the crawling and indexing factors correct, etc.

The best tips to start technical SEO are fixing broken links, create XML sitemaps, adding H1, and introduction to the pages.

SEO Tools

You can also use SEO tools such as Google Analytics, AHrefs, SEMrush, etc. to generate and increase traffic to your website.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the content marketing techniques that can result in a significant increase in traffic.

Send a gentle email reminder to the current readers and customers about your new products or services. Promote the latest posts and blogs to your followers or subscribers for a quick boost in traffic.

You can use strategies like:

4. Commenting On Blogs / Social Media Posts

Interact with online groups and websites that are relevant to your business. The more you participate in such communities, the more chances you get to increase your profile visits.

It does not provide an immediate boost to the traffic; however, it increases the chances of exposure to your profile and brand name on the blogs and other sites.

Be genuine and do not add links to your website in the comments, as you will appear as spam which can lower your business reputation.

5. Be Active On Social Media

Social media is one of the most successful methods and marketing tools to drive traffic to your website. Promote your blogs and other useful content of your site using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Sharing the content through social media is not enough, participate in the communities as well. Use Twitter to join the group discussions with related hashtags. Interact with your fans, answer their questions, and interact with your readers.

Later on, you can turn dozens of your social media followers into website visitors.

6. Answer Questions on Reddit & Quora

Have you ever checked how many times you typed a question in a search engine, and your answer showed up on sites like Quora or Reddit?

You may not have realized the value of using such sites; however, these sites work like organic traffic machines and can help you as an excellent SEO strategy.

Invest some time and explore what type of questions you can post, which will benefit the readers, how they work, and how it can maximize your website’s impact on the readers.

You can interact with millions of people and increase your visibility across the web.

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is yet another excellent method of driving organic traffic to your website. Nowadays, adding videos to your website can drive magnificent results.

You can create videos for Facebook Stories, YouTube, News Feed videos, Instagram IGTV Videos, etc. Add videos that contain useful information about your products and services and ensure that you add links to your website for other details.

These are some types of the videos you can create:

Hence, videos can be a creative way to express, respond, and continue a conversation.

8. Research the competition

BuzzSumo content analyzer

Research and explore what your competitors are up to. You should find out what the readers are fond of. Collect that type of data and add it to your website to drive traffic.

BuzzSumo is a content analyzer tool that helps you to find the content that performs best. You can also use BuzzSumo to generate ideas, monitor your performance, create high-performing content, and identify influencers.

In an analysis, BuzzSumo found that the articles with images and more than 100 words receive double shares on social media platforms than articles with fewer images. Therefore, check which posts deliver the best results and find the proper time and days of the week to publish.

Buzzsumo can be linked to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

9. Blogging

I firmly believe that blogging is a very powerful and effective method to drive visitors to your website. Use guest blogging to help build your brand and drive traffic from reputable sites.

You should know your buyer persona to create quality and helpful content for your visitors.

Blog posts permit you to publish thoughts and stories on your site about any topic. This can help you to increase brand awareness, boost traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Once you finish creating a blog post, draft it, and answer your user’s questions. Publish your post on your blog and promote it to social media platforms or use email newsletters to drive traffic. The more traffic your posts drive, the higher it will rank in the search engine results.

10. Pinterest

It is a social media network that helps users to explore, store, and share visual content they find inspiring, helpful, or entertaining.

Pinterest allows you to link your visual content to another website. This feature enables you to share written and visual content and direct users back to your site.

This is a very powerful tool for marketing as it can boost online sales. Many brands use Pinterest to show product images while sharing content.

By using Pinterest on your website, you can quickly drive traffic from one of your web pages directly to your Pinterest profile so your customers and leads can begin viewing your content in seconds and follow you!

The Pinterest buttons and widgets allow the visitors to interact with your Pinterest page via your site and give them the ability to view and follow your profile or go directly to a specific Pin or board. The network’s widget builder helps you quickly customize, create, and add this feature to your site.

11. Online directory listings

The main goal of the marketing department is to have an online presence. One way to achieve that is by online directory listings.

Use online directories like Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business that provide your company information (name, address, phone, website) to customers when they search for products and services that are similar to the ones your business provides.

Get listed on as many directories as possible. Updating these listings is free, and you can provide more information about your company anytime to optimize your listing.

12. Guest Blog

Guest posting reveals how active you are in your community, which can generate traffic to your website. This strategy focuses more on creating backlinks.

To implement a guest posting approach, you need to find a website that would be a proper fit for your company, draft a blog post, and write a pitch.

You can also invite people to blog on your site that is in your niche. They will share the guest article that could drive more users to your site. Make sure that the content is unique, real, and free from spam links as Google cracks down on low-quality guest posts.

13. Collaborate with other brands

Influencer marketing is an affordable method to drive traffic to your website. Collaboration with famous Youtubers for example is very effective for driving traffic and growing customers’ base.

You can use influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Find people within your niche or industry and reach out to them to promote your website for a fee or a giveaway. This will definitely increase customers and sales in the short and long term.

Explore and research which type of influencer marketing will work best for your business and audience, remember to consider your budget as well.



Website traffic

Generating traffic to your website does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort in the first place to get more and more visitors and converting them into customers.

After reading these tips, you should now be familiar that one should not rely only on search engines to boost traffic, there are plenty of methods to achieve this goal.

Try using one method or all the of the methods together, and then identify what method drives most traffic so you can focus more on it.

Once you have sufficient traffic, it’s time to focus more on utilizing visitors and turning them into loyal customers.

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