10 Best Landing Page Builders To Grow Your Business

Landing page builders

Are you an eCommerce website owner, researcher, or a marketer who want to optimize or build personalized landing pages to capture, nurture, and skyrocket your sales? If so, I suggest you read through as I am going to take you through the best landing page builders in 2020.

Landing page builders are software designed to help you create optimized and personalized high-converting landing pages for your website(s). They have features that help you build, customize and test the landing pages performance.

Some of the landing page builders are integrated more than others; some are designed to specialize exclusively in landing pages creation and optimization while others do not focus on landing pages only. The prices, therefore, vary with the uniqueness in the builder.

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In this article, we discuss the best landing page builders used today, the one you might choose to grow your business online.

They help businesses to grow, increase sales online, grow your email list, and improve brand awareness.

10 Best Landing Page Builders

The features of the landing page builders are nearly limitless. They can save you hours and have a positive impact on your efficiency.

Here are 10 of my favorite landing page builders that can drive conversions through the roof.

1. Instapage

Instapage page builder

Instapage is one of the most popular landing page builders in the market. The page builder is designed for marketers looking to maximize their conversion rate.

It’s competitive pricing, advance features, and support are some of the factors that have gained it its fame. According to the Instapage’s website, the page builder offers functionality for both the SMB and enterprises.

Instapage also offers other most crucial features – A/B testing, team collaboration, and integration features. With team collaboration features, marketers can work cohesively with team members and clients. Views and feedbacks are shared among the team members in real-time.

After creating and configuring your pages, you can track and test the landing pages performance using the software’s A/B split testing tools.

Instapage also offers features such as Instablocks (that help you create multiple landing pages), landing pages widgets, parallax scrolling features, among other useful features.

Unique Value:




Instapage has three pricing plans – core, optimizer, and team and agency plans.

Core Plan – Costs $69 per month (paid annually). With the Core plan, you get the basic features only. The features include; landing pages creation tools, collaboration feature, basic integration features, and email support. The core plan does not have tracking, testing and reporting tools.

Optimizer Plan – Costs $99 per month (paid annually). It offers all features in the core plan, plus advanced integrations, A/B testing tools, heatmaps, and Instablocks. The pack also allows you to customize your pages using custom coding knowledge. Optimizer plan is not suitable for individuals and companies with multiple websites.

Team and Agency Plan – It is the premium plan and costs $179 per month. It contains all features provided by With the premium plan, you also get expert web design consultation, 24/7 support, 5000+ web fonts, and sub-accounts hence the user can manage different websites with a single account. In addition to that, you can configure your pages to receive lead notifications.

2. Unbounce

landing page builders

If you are looking for a more advanced landing page builder, Unbounce is your solution. It offers its users more advanced features than the Instapage software. Unbounce landing page builder is designed for conversion.

Unbounce provides its clients with a range of conversion-tailored, customizable templates and allows you to access and use more templates from third-party platforms like Themeforest. You, therefore, do not need coding knowledge to create convincing landing pages.

As the most integrated page builder, Unbounce has features such as parallax scrolling, integration tool, unlimited A/B testing tools, among other features.

Unique value




Unbounce offers three pricing plans – essential, premium, and enterprise plans.

Essential – Costs $79 per month (when billed annually). The plan consists of all the vital features you need in creating and editing landing pages. With the Essential pack, you can create 75 landing pages, eight popups, and eight sticky bars only.

Premium Plan – It costs $159 per month per year. The plan gives you the basic features plus the ability to create 150 landing pages, 16 popups, and 16 sticky bars.

Enterprise Plan –It costs $399 per month per year. The package allows you to create 375 landing pages, 40 popups, and 40 sticky bars.

The charges, however, change with the increase in conversion. The essential and premium plans also offer its first-time users a 30-day free trial

3. Leadpages

Leadpages sales funnel

Like Instapage, Leadpages landing page builders is super-easy to use. However, it does not have a wide range of features as Instapage. It is the cheapest landing pages in the market.

It is designed for small businesses. It does not only focus on landing pages creation and customization but also concentrate on website creation. It does also offer conversion tools such as lead capture popups.

Leadpages landing page builder software provides over 350 customizable templates. Therefore, they cover a wide range of uses. They are fully optimized and are mobile responsive. 

Consequently, you do not need coding knowledge to create a useful landing page that will help you improve your conversion rate regardless of the device your site visitors are using. However, Leadpages does not limit you from using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge.

Unique value




Leadpages also comes with three pricing plans – standard, pro, and advanced pack.

Standard plan $25 per month (billed annually)

Pro Plan $48 per month per year

Advanced Plan $199 per month per year.

Leadpages give its first-time users a 14-day free trial.

4. Hubspot

landing page builders

HubSpot is all-in-one software. It does not focus exclusively on landing pages. It is designed to help businesses grow through marketing and lead generation.

Hubspot provides a wide range of templates. Therefore, you do not need tech knowledge to create landing pages while using the HubSpot landing page builder. The templates are not fully customizable.

Unique value




Hubspot has three pricing plans – starter, professional and enterprise plans.

Starter plan $40 per month

Professional Plan $800 per month

Enterprise plan $3,200 per month

5. GetResponse

GetResponse landing page creator

Like Leadpages, GetResponse is very easy to use. It is also an all-in-one solution for landing pages creation, email marketing, and marketing automation. It provides a wide array of customizable landing pages templates and in-stock images for your pages.

GetResponse landing page builder also allows you to integrate your landing pages with other third-party solutions such as email marketing campaigns and online money transfer solutions like PayPal.

Unique value




Try any plan free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Basic Plan $12.30 per month per year

Plus Plan $40.18 per month per year

Professional Plan $81.18 per month per year

Max plan Ask for a quotation for this package.

6. ClickFunnels

Click Funnels

Clickfunnels is a sales-oriented software. It, however, has landing page builder tools. 

The landing page builder has features such as drag-and-drop page editor, A/B testing tools, third party integrations, and over a hundred landing pages templates. 

It is, therefore, easy to create and edit landing pages with Clickfunnels. The landing pages are also mobile responsive.

Unique value




It offers two pricing packs – Starter pack and Etison suite pack.

Starter pack $97 per month

Etison suite pack $297 per month

7. Wishpond

Wishpond landing pages

Wishpond is one of the top Hubspot competitors in marketing and SaaS market. It is not dedicated to landing pages creation but offers page creation and optimization tools.

The landing pages features include two hundred plus landing pages templates – optimized for mobile responsiveness, drag-and-drop page editor, A/B and multivariate testing tools, among others basic features useful in creating landing pages.

Unique value




Wishpond offers three pricing packages – Starting package, Everything You Need package, and Rapid Growth plan.

Starting out – Costs $49 per month with a maximum of 1500 leads per month.

Everything you need – Costs $99 per month caping at 2500 leads per month.

Rapid growth – Costs $199 per month, limiting leads at 10,000 per month.

It also provides 14-days free trial for first-time users with an annual subscription.

8. Landingi

landing page builders

Landingi is landing pages dedicated software. You can create your landing pages from scratch by using Landingi drag-and-drop features. The features allow you to create, add, and edit page elements such as paragraphs, buttons, forms, maps, timers, among others.

You can also use their fully optimized landing pages templates.

The software also allows you to use HTML coding knowledge to customize your pages as you wish.

Unique value




Landigi comes in three packages:

Starter core plan – $29 per month

Create pack – $55 per month

Automate pack – $79 per month

Suite plan – $209 per month

All plans come with 14-days free trial for first-users. No credit card is required for the free trial.

9. Elementor


Elementor is a WordPress plugin. It is one of the most popular WordPress landing page builders – with over 5 million users worldwide.

Elementor does not focus exclusively on landing pages creation. However, it does provide the essential elements for creating stunning pages.

Unique value




It has three pricing plans:

Personal plan – $49 per year

Plus package – $99 per year

Expert pack – $199 per year

It does also offer a free version with all essential features (30 basic widgets).

10. Shortstack


Shortstack is all-in-one software. Hence, it does not focus exclusively on landing pages creation. It brags about being the most customizable all-in-one contesting software.

Building landing pages with Shortstack is not as accessible as it is in other landing page builders, especially for beginners. The users have to learn to build useful pages with the software.

The Shortstack landing page builder offers features such as drag-and-drop editor, mobile supportive templates, analytics and ROI tracking tools, among other features. You, therefore, do not need tech or coding skills to create and customize landing pages.

Unique value




Shortstack has three price packages:

Business plan – $79 per month per year

Agency plan – $159 per month per year

Brand plan – $399 per month per year

It also offers 10-day free trial. With the free trial, you get all features in the business plan.


landing pages

A landing page is an essential element of your website, as it is the first impression of your website. To create useful pages, you have to choose the best landing page builders that fulfils your needs. 

Most of the discussed builders offer free trials. Ensure to test or check out relevant reviews before choosing a landing page builder.

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