How To Make Money On Instagram – The Step-By-Step Guide

make money on Instagram

Planning to make some money on Instagram?

You have reached the right place!

Instagram has become a popular channel for brands and online businesses to promote their products. Also, Instagram is the sixth most effective social media platform at influencing the purchasing decisions – declared by Influencer Central found consumers.

Your audience will begin to see you and follow you as one of your real friends – the same concept that micro-influencers use with the right strategy. The more the audience trusts your advice while seeking out purchasing decisions, the more likely you are to get supported.

This article explains everything you need to do to make money on Instagram, even if you have zero followers. Dive in and keep reading to get started.

Whats on This Page

In this article, I have shared the best methods to make money on Instagram and grow your followers to market your business and increase engagement.

How Many Followers Do I Need?

Social Media Accounts

Business secrets are quickly growing on Instagram, and as per the stats, more than 1 billion active monthly users now follow an Instagram business account on the platform.

As the Instagram platform continues to develop and grow, you get the advantage of more interactive features on Instagram, like Instagram Stories

Businesses are regularly using it as a social media tool to humanize brands, showcase products, and company culture, recruit future employees, generate new business, and delight customers.

Unless you’re famous, it’s becomes really hard to gather a massive following on Instagram without some hard work. For the average business or person, growing your followers takes time and attention daily.

The number of followers on Instagram depends on:

How to Increase Followers on Instagram

I have also listed some of the essential features to increase your Instagram brand’s followers, thus increasing the ways to make money on Instagram.

Turning your audience into customers may be a natural fit. And with the rise of e-commerce platforms, it’s simple to run an online business that delivers real-world products.

How to Make Money On Instagram?

Plan an appropriate business model to make money on Instagram. It is considered as one of the fastest-growing social media networks today.

Instagram just started from a photo-sharing app, and today, it has become a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses and brand to reach their target audience.

Now you can use Instagram to earn money as it has expanded its reach to build a community that helps you introduce your products and services to the right audience at the right time.

Yeah! You heard it right. We all can make money from Instagram. Let us see how.

1. Publish Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing

Sponsored posts on Instagram are paid for by the poster to reach a broader audience. There are two types of sponsorships:

One, a brand makes a post and pays Instagram for access to a custom audience.

Second, a brand sponsors another Instagram user (often called an “Influencer”), who creates a post that promotes the brand in some way.

This Instagram user has its own brand and attracts an audience of their own. Influencers are like Instagram’s ad manager as they both draw an audience that brands might not have access to.

2. Become a Brand Ambassador

brand ambassador is employed by a business or brand to work under a contract. This helps a business achieve specific goals, such as increase boost conversions, sales, and brand awareness.

A brand ambassador’s contract is long-term, ranging from several months or even years. During that time, they signify the brand and the lifestyle associated with it and gain deep knowledge about the products or services. They don’t need to be an influencer before becoming a brand ambassador.

Instagram is the most preferred social media channel for influencer marketing; thus, it becomes the perfect place for the audience to find brand ambassadors and cooperate with companies to promote their products.

Brand ambassadors can make money on Instagram ranging from $40-50,000.

3. Become an Affiliate

Add affiliate links to your Instagram account and make sales or commission from the links you generate. For this, you need to join various affiliate programs to make money from affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Affiliate links can help you make money, once the correct procedure is followed.

Take examples from affiliate networks such as AwinShareasaleImpact, and Clickbank. You can also join specific affiliate programs directly from a company’s website by searching: “Company name + affiliate program.”

Instagram has a solid user base of people; therefore, it’s a perfect place to promote affiliate links.

You can always insert a clickable link in your Instagram bio, no matter how many followers you have.

The best way to grab attention for affiliate marketing is to include captions that tell about affiliate marketing. It’s important to reveal affiliate links, so you get a commission on each sale, and using hashtags is a perfect way to do it.

4. Sell your own products

For the last few years, Instagram has converted into a powerful sales machine. People use this social media network to explore, discover, and buy products.

Instagram provides business account features such as the shop button, in-app checkout, shoppable stickers, and product tags to make the shopping process easier.

The Instagram platform is also a great place for people who don’t have their own eCommerce store. It becomes tough to sell products and items online from your Instagram account. Try choosing a website builder or eCommerce platform to launch a website and drive traffic from Instagram.

For example: Start with a dropshipping business, so you don’t have to ship your products or handle returns.

Another way is to learn how to sell products on Amazon, thus promoting your products on Instagram to make money.

Either way, add links to your content in your Instagram account or add links in your Instagram bio. Include a website link and write a call to action so that interested audiences can learn more about your products and offers.

You can also create shopable posts to sell physical products in-app if you have switched to an Instagram creator account.

5. Sell your Visual Content

increase sales online

Instagram is a basic photo-sharing app. And photos are resources that can be sold, licensed, and printed in a variety of ways.

If photography on Instagram is your first passion, you can list your photos in marketplaces like Twenty20 and 500px, where publishers and brands might license them.

You can also plan to sell your photos as prints, t-shirts, wall art, pillows, coffee mugs, and more. Or you can sell digital products such as courses, design templates, or ebooks.

Services like Teelaunch and Printful allows you to put your photos on posters, pillows, phone cases, etc., and take care of fulfilling orders and customer service, so all you really need to worry about making money here on Instagram.

For example, according to an interview in Forbes, Daniel Arnold made $15,000 in a day by offering to sell prints of his popular, controversial photos.

If you’ve already got such demands, all you need to do is take the initiative and offer your customers the opportunity to buy your photography from you.

6. Offer Your Freelance Services

You can stay pro-active and offer your freelance services. All you need to do is find an Instagram account that might be interested in working with you and send them a DM (direct message).

For example, Al Falk is a web designer. She uses this technique to find and offer freelance services, and it gives results.

Explore all the possible ways to showcase your work and talent on Instagram to tell your visitors that you are open with your freelance services. Thus helping others to make money on Instagram.

7. Offer Your Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing on Instagram

The competition is increasing; therefore, your brand needs to look more professional if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. On Instagram you need to be utilizing strong sales skills to make money, increase sales, using this platform to promote products.

We can say that social media marketing services are in demand nowadays.

For example, Jenn Herman offers a variety of services, including training, social media strategies, and consultations.

This means social media experts have many opportunities to make money on Instagram and find freelance gigs and benefit from the knowledge on Instagram.

8. Teach Others How to Use Instagram

If you have not started using Instagram or find one who is not aware of using Instagram, you might want to reconsider or teach others how to use Instagram. Share these steps with the newbies.

You will need to login to your Facebook account if you are logged out.

Also, run tutorials or teach newbies personally to use Instagram, this will help you to promote your brand and products.

9. Create Instagram Stories Templates & Filters

make money on instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. It’s difficult for you to invest the time to create thoughtful and well-designed Instagram posts to stand out from the crowd.

Today, millions of people watch or create Instagram Stories daily. This type of content (Instagram stories) is available for a limited time, i.e., 24 hours, people are highly engaged, and it gives your brand more opportunities to hook their target audience.

Also, most of the companies create Instagram Stories templates and filters to promote their products and prove their niche expertise. While some companies designate in-house designers to create filters for their brand, and others want to collaborate with talents who specialize in making Instagram masks and filters.

And if you’re creative enough, you can create an income stream on Instagram just like the Spark AR Studio. It allows all its users to create AR filters for Instagram Stories.

For example, Brend Cardenas uses her Instagram account to promote Instagram filters she creates.

You can also edit Instagram Stories using Adobe Photoshop templates. This way, you have unlimited creative possibilities to create and design engaging stories without a lot of effort. Use Adobe Photoshop photo editing software to create engaging Instagram stories.

With the increasing popularity of Instagram Stories, there’s no doubt that short-lived content is the future of social media.

Thus, making Instagram templates and filters is a great way to earn money and showcase your creativity.

Faqs On How to Make Money On Instagram

make money on Instagram

1. Would I be able to sell items on Instagram?

Yes, you can sell items on Instagram via Shoppable posts. Use an eCommerce platform along with Instagram to increase your sales online. You can follow the steps to get started.

2. What number of followers do you have to bring in to make money on Instagram?

This totally depends on the type of niche you are associated with. You can make money with 1000 followers or 1 million followers; however, you should be focussed on user engagement.

3. How would I get Instagram followers quickly?

To increase Instagram followers quickly, you can plan a strategy that attracts the target audience. Start by creating a good profile with all the useful information and verify your Instagram account to get a badge.

You can also run contests, giveaways, etc. to increase engagement. Make use of Instagram paid marketing to increase followers.

4. Would I be able to make money with 1,000 Instagram followers?

Yes, it’s possible to make money with 1,000 Instagram followers. Try to couple your Instagram account with other marketing channels, if you have 1,000 followers.

Educate yourself to learn “how to start a blog” and link to your products from Instagram. The money range starts from $10 (per 1,000 followers) to $500 – depends on your niche.


Instagram marketing

Making money on Instagram is not that easy – it takes time and effort to build a strong identity on Instagram.

Work hard to differentiate yourself in the market, and successfully connect with the right audience, thus increasing your followers. Try all the possible ways to communicate with the users, and by increasing engagement through these features, you can drive traffic organically and authentically.

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